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Privacy Policy


This document sets forth the principles, guidelines and requirements of the Acceptable Use Policy of Makpay Ltd. ("Company") governing the use by the Customer ("Customer") of the Company's services and products ("Services and Products"). The AUP is not an all inclusive exhaustive list and the Company reserves the right to modify the AUP at any time as needed. Acceptance and execution of the Services Agreement binds all parties to Company stated AUP at the time the contract is executed and as modified from time to time. Any violation of the AUP may result in the suspension or termination of Customer service(s) or such other action as the Company deems appropriate. No credits will be issued for any interruption in service resulting from policy violations.


Any questions or comments regarding the AUP should be directed to support@dediserver.cc

The following activities are expressly prohibited:

  • Spam / Email Marketing. Email Spam: Company has a zero tolerance policy on SPAM, Junk Email, or UCE. Spam, Junk-mail and UCE are defined as: the sending of the same, or substantially similar, unsolicited electronic mail messages, whether commercial or not, to more than one recipient. A message is considered unsolicited if it is posted in violation of a newsgroup charter or if it is sent to a recipient who has not requested or invited the message. UCE also includes email with forged headers, compromised mail server relays, and false contact information. This prohibition extends to the sending of unsolicited mass mailings from another service, which in any way implicates the use of the Company whether or not the message actually originated from our network. Block Removal: If Customer actions have caused the Company mail servers or Company IP address ranges to be placed on black hole lists and other mail filtering software systems used by companies on the internet, the Customer will be assessed a 100EURO charge to the Customer's account and 100EURO per hour for administrative charges incurred to remove and protect mail servers and IP ranges. Mass Mailings: Sending mass unsolicited email is considered spam. Unsolicited email is defined as email sent to a recipient who has not double-opted in to mailings from the Customer. Senders of mass mailings must maintain complete and accurate records of all opt-ins, including the email and its headers if applicable, and provide such records to the Company upon request. If positive and verifiable proof of opt-in cannot be provided, complaints from recipients of the mailing are considered proof they did not subscribe and the mailing is unsolicited. Mailing Lists: The Company's mass mailing rules also apply to mailing lists, list services, or mailing services contracted by the Customer. The policy is stated as follows: An acceptable mailing list will be focused at a targeted audience that has voluntarily signed up for email information using a double opt-in process or that has made their email address available to the Customer for distribution of information. The list must also allow for automatic removal by all end Customers with non-distribution in the future.
  • Torrents 
  • Hacking or perpetration of any security breach.
  • Unauthorized access to any computer or system, including intrusion into or scanning of other serverpassion
  • Dissemination of deliberately offensive material, including any message or information that is or may be threatening, libelous, obscene, or harassing.
  • Child pornography, pornography or any other activity harmful to minors. The use of serverpassion services to store, post, display, transmit, advertise or otherwise make available child pornography is prohibited. serverpassion is required by law, and will, notify law enforcement agencies when it becomes aware of the presence of child pornography on, or being transmitted through, its services.
  • Violations of privacy rights.
  • Intellectual property infringement, including violations of copyright, trademark, or patent rights, or use or distribution of pirated software.
  • Use of third party software without a proper license or other appropriate permission, including Microsoft software.
  • Network attacks or any unfriendly effort to interfere with service on another network or server.
  • Virus distribution or distribution of any worm or other harmful code.
  • Illegal activities of any kind.
  • Use of Internet relay chat ("IRC"). The Company allows stand alone IRC servers which are not connected to global IRC networks such as Undernet, EFnet, DALnet, and other IRC networks. IRC servers that establish and maintain connections to global IRC networks, such as Undernet, EFnet, DALnet, and others, will be considered to be in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • If IRC servers attract DoS or DDoS attacks that disrupt or deny service to other Customers, the Company will null-route, ACL or otherwise suspend service to maintain quality of service for other Customers on our network.

The Company reserves the right to modify or amend the IRC policy at any time.

Adult Content

serverpassion allows hosting of adult content that is legal under EU and Bulgarian law, provided that it does not otherwise violate any of our policies.

Reseller Policy

Resellers are responsible for the conduct of their customers, and by agreeing with this AUP, agree that their customers will adhere to the AUP. Resellers should make their perspective customers aware of the AUP and the consequences for violation.

Investigations, disruptions, & security

serverpassion  reserves the right to disable service or terminate service and/or to remove content in order to investigate suspected violations of this AUP or of the Terms of Service without first giving notice. The cost of any investigation will be charged to the Customer at 100EURO per hour, in addition to charges for attorneys' fees and related expenses (if any). serverpassion furthermore reserves the right to disable the Customer's service if serverpassion suspects that such service is the target of an attack or in any way interferes with services provided to other Customers, even if the Customer is not at fault. serverpassion.com does not issue refunds for terminating service due to any of the causes specified above. The Customer is responsible for the use of its service, including transfer and bandwidth, even use by unauthorized users or hackers. The Customer is responsible for maintaining security, including disaster recovery systems and backups. (The Customer is advised to maintain backups on its own premises.)

AUP Violations

  1. Reporting. In general, serverpassion.com requests that anyone with information about a violation of this AUP, or of serverpassion.com Terms of Service, report it by sending an email to support@dediserver.cc. Digital millennium copyright act infringements ("DMCA") violations should be sent in writing to our corporate office. The address is: serverpassion.com Makpay Ltd Lege 6 Sofia ,Bulgaria2. Violation of AUP. Warning notification via email, trouble ticket, or telephone will be issued giving the Customer 48 hours to resolve the violation. AUP violations, such as, but not limited to, password harvesting, network interference, denial or disruption of service, IRC misuse, or other malicious activity will reduce the resolution time frame. The Company may also choose to remove the violating content, remove the website/service from the server, or temporarily block Internet access to/from the server.

Monitoring & Disclaimers

serverpassion.com has no obligation to monitor its services but may do so and may disclose information regarding use of the services for any reason, including: to satisfy laws, regulations, or governmental, legal, or law-enforcement requests; to operate such service properly, or to protect itself and its customers. serverpassion.com may grant law enforcement agencies access to its equipment to monitor use of its services.

ABUSE- it is when someone is physically or emotionally offended.

SPAM - is the use of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately.

  1. If there is a complaint received concerning illegal activity on the clients' behalf.
  2. If you have one complaint we can consider it as a regular or normal.
  3. The services are suspended after the second complaint, and not resumed until it is resolved.
  4. After the third offence, your IP is included in "SPAM LIST" in The SpamHaus Project. Clearance from the list costs 10 EUR and is performed after the invoice has been paid.
  5. The services are cancelled after 5 offences.

Account Blocking Policy for DDOS (DDOS Distributed Denial of Service, network attack)

When a client server is being DDOSed

  1. If our client server is being DDOSed, the IP is made unreachable with IP nullroute. It will stay unreachable (minimum 24 hours) until DDOS stopped. (DDOS attacks are harmful for all of data center clients, as well as the client being DDOSed, and that is why the attack has to be terminated instantly).
  2. If you have one DDOS attack we can consider it as a regular or normal.
  3. Recurring DDOS attacks are blocked by IP nullroute. Clearance from the nullroute costs 10 EUR and is performed after the invoice has been paid.

When a client DDOSes from their server

  1. If the client is part of DDOS, nullroute procedure is applied and the client is informed. The services will not be resumed until the problem is fixed.
  2. If you have one DDOS attack we can consider it as a regular or normal.
  3. Recurring offences are blocked by IP nullroute until Client fix the problem and report to us what He did that never ever happen again. Clearance from the nullroute costs 10 EUR and is performed after the invoice has been paid.





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